Physical & Behavioural Training

Physical, psychological & cyber training

Our experience shows us that traditional security training models have limited applicability for activists and marginalized communities. We firmly believe that most security training is of limited use for ordinary people working under immense duress, facing situations of extreme violence by armed forces. As such we have developed specialized training that is generally delivered as part of a broader security program.

A key part of our training is to instill a security mindset, provide tools to assist the control of debilitating psychological factors when faced with extreme violence, and provide choices in how to achieve the activists’ goals while reducing the threat. Epsilar only provides training on a case-by-case basis and where we believe it is appropriate and can be effective.
Training components are tailored for every situations, and may include:
  • Decision-making and situational awareness
  • Managing stress and acting efficiently under duress
  • Developing a security-oriented mindset
  • Strategies & tactics for increasing security but continuing the work
  • Reaction-to-violence skills
  • Secure data storage & transmission, managing information
  • Avatars, social media and threat redirection
  • Understanding and anticipating risk and threat (context specific)