Intelligent Security

Intelligence led decisions

The security of activists is a highly specialized field. Often politically and economically marginalized, subject to military or police force and with limited resources, traditional security methods for activists have restricted application. For similar reasons, risk assessments regularly employed by NGOs and funders have very narrow utility.

Epsilar uses wide-ranging approaches, based on in-depth knowledge of asymmetrical conflict. Our programs seek to deflect threat, directly and indirectly reduce the risk of harm, all the while enabling an activist or community to continue their work. We create and manage counter-threat scenarios and build security buffers around communities and individuals we work with. Alongside more widely known approaches, Epsilar programs can include developing and exploiting non-obvious pathways to run campaigns, finance, social and business intelligence, the application of the latest security decision-making protocols, and the use of non-conventional cyber tools.

Every program is designed to be easily understood by on-ground activists, and ultimately gives them choices to continue their work while improving their security situation.

Programs may include:

  • Atypical and non-conventional risk assessment & threat analysis, with associated activities for the protection of vulnerable individuals
  • In-depth intelligence on state and non-state actors engaged in perpetrating crimes against vulnerable communities and individuals
  • Development of pro-active counter-networks against adversaries, mapping and innovative exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Mapping of agendas, influence and global social and business networks
  • Development and implementation of highly innovative tools and methods for campaigns, and for developing legal and political leverage
  • Insertion of intelligence personnel
  • Resource chain intelligence analysis of adversaries
  • Preparing and insertion of data to global financial regulators
  • Training for non-militarized approaches to scenarios where weapons and physical & sexual violence are routinely deployed by perpetrators