Close Protection

Direct protection services

At times traditional security measures are required for activists, funders and NGO personnel in non-permissive environments. Epsilar has run close protection in the human rights arena since 2011, and collectively staff bring over 60 years experience in this field. We have extensive experience across some of the world’s most challenging locations and we currently work with clients in Africa, the Middle East and S.E. Asia.
  • The provision of close protection officers (CPO) with specific and extensive experience in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. Each and every Epsilar CPO has high-level decision-making abilities along with physical and psychological skills to operate effectively under duress.
  • All CPOs are supported by intelligence analysts at HQ, with 24/7 support to crisis support and management.
  • Risk assessment and the development of case-by-case mitigation measures prior to travel.

Epsilar does not make its clients known online but direct references are available.