Fiachra Kearney


Fiachra is former Head of Africa for an elite security company and his experience spans most elements of security in non-permissive environments. He has worked extensively in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa as well as the Lower Mekong nations of S.E. Asia.

As well as traditional security he has a focus on the criminology of global illicit supply chains and building innovative methods to disrupt them.

Fiachra holds a Master of Science.


Epsilar draws on a diverse range of skills to achieve our goals.
Skills and experience across our staff and consultants includes:
  • Research and data analysis, with in-depth experience examining data from multiple jurisdictions
  • Criminal field and cyber intelligence including SOCINT, HUMINT & COMINT
  • Power mapping, analysis of agendas, international social and business linkages, international finance
  • Specialized close protection skills and experience in non-permissive environments with over 40 yrs collective experience specifically in Africa and Asia
  • Training for security-oriented decision making in high risk locations, situational awareness, associated physical and mental skills.
  • High level applied security and intelligence/counter intelligence skills, spanning both police and military backgrounds
  • Risk analysis and mitigation, with a focus on environmental and human rights activists in high risk scenarios and the application of unconventional strategies
  • Epsilar staff and consultants collectively speak English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Gujarati, Slovak, Thai, Laotian, Burmese, Malay, Swahili, Afrikaans,and a range of other African languages