Based in Australia, Epsilar Group is a unique security entity focusing primarily on providing support to environmental and human rights activists.

In recent years the killing and physical & psychological abuse of activists has increased to extraodinary levels, yet the necessary funds and lateral thinking to support activists remains limited, as are funds to generate innovative and cutting-edge actions against perpetrators. Epsilar aims to redress this situation.
Epsilar adopts a holistic, highly innovative approach to the security of vulnerable and marginalised communities and individuals. We don’t run risk assessments and hope they work – we work with activists to live and breathe their struggle, to buffer them from harm, to create diversions, to seek and exploit non-conventional vulnerabilities in the adversary.

Program Areas

  • Fiachra Kearney
    "We must directly challenge the horrific, state-sponsored violence against people trying to defend the environment and fundamental human rights. It is incumbent upon us, as a community, to develop and use methods that address the massive power imbalances in these conflicts".
    Fiachra Kearney